Performance Features of the Toyota Avalon

In the full-size sedan class, the Toyota Avalon remains a popular choice among drivers, praised for its luxury design features and superior handling on the road. A choice of engines allows drivers to customize their experience to better match their driving style.

The exterior of the Avalon is a series of smooth curves engineered to better reduce wind resistance at highway speeds. This allows not only for increased fuel efficiency but also helps to reduce road noise. Further audio embellishments tie the sound of the engine and exhaust system into the car's radio when accelerating, idling and starting the car for an enhanced driving experience.

The 3.5-liter engine delivers up to 32 mpg on the highway thanks to direct injection and efficient eight-speed transmission. Drivers can expect powerful acceleration when it's required and still enjoy a smooth ride with the Adaptive Variable Suspension system. Adjusting to the road on a second-by-second basis, this system ensures enhanced handling on sharp corners in addition to delivering a comfortable ride.

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