The Top Ford Focus Performance Features

The Ford Focus features some of the most advanced performance features of any car in its class. Its dynamic handling and impressive power make the Ford Focus a premium choice for drivers who enjoy an exhilarating ride and dependable performance.

One of the best performance features of the Ford Focus is the Torque Vectoring Control that comes standard on every 2019 model. The power-assisted steering also makes it easier than ever to take on drastic turns. You will feel safe and secure with the 2.0L EcoBoost engine that provides plenty of torque while still delivering efficient gas mileage. The cutting-edge engine makes sure that there is the appropriate amount of torque to the front wheels without jeopardizing the stability of the car in all sorts of driving conditions.

If you want to find a new car that allows you to make the most out of driving without sacrificing safety or control, the Ford Focus is the choice for you.

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